Malouf Woven Tencel Sheets


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The Woven Tencel Sheets are silky soft to the touch and naturally pure ensuring you sleep comfortable. The luxuriously smooth lyocell eco-friendly fibers pampers your skin regulating your body temperature. The Tencel fiber are 50 percent more absorbent pulling moisture away from the body. Ideal for sensitive skin, this ultra-soft sheet set will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. How important is thread count? What other Factors should I consider when buying a set of sheets? When standing alone, thread count isn’t a very accurate indicator of quality. Instead, focus more on the fiber, fit, feel, and finish. To find the right fit, look for deep pockets, in the fitted sheet, oversized dimensions for the flat sheet and pillowcases, and high-quality elastic that hugs your mattress. The feel is entirely personal, making it essential to touch and feel the sheets before you commit. This way, you can discover what you like most like most: silky, smooth, soft, warm, etc. Finally, pay attention the finishing touches. When you see pristine edges, quality piping, and strong elastic, you know that you’ve found a good set of sheets