Dr. Oz The Say Goodnight™ Memory Foam Pillow

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The Say Goodnight™ Memory Foam Pillow brings plush, contouring comfort for your pillow. Instantly supportive, memory foam lets your head and neck relax while keeping the spine aligned—no more waking up with a sore neck. Plus, it comes with two clean and cool infusions: activated charcoal and CoolRelax™ gel.

The mid-loft design is perfect for back and stomach sleepers and the plush, supportive memory foam relieves pressure points.

SilverScience™ Threads are woven into the TENCEL™ Cover to inhibit bacteria and promote a more hypoallergenic sleep surface.

Activated charcoal from sustainable bamboo is infused in the memory foam pillow to inhibit allergy-causing dust mites.

Cooling gel infusion is paired with the ventilated memory foam to increase breathability and comfort all night long.

Removable pillow cover makes laundering easy and the 5-year warranty guarantees high construction and quality standards.

King size pillow measures 35 in x 16 in x 6 in
Standard size pillow measures 25 in x 16 in x 6 in

Product Details

  • Soft
  • Solid
  • Warranty available
  • Imported

Material & Care

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Spot clean only